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14 Ways To Hide Love Handles in a Tight Dress

If you are wondering what does the term “love handles” mean then it is nothing but the excess fat that gets deposited on your waistline and lower back.

This is something that happens to both men and women and it is very common these days.

Somewhere we all like to wear body-hugging outfits that would complement our figure but sometimes these tight outfits don’t enhance our body shape instead make us look more bulgy and fat and we wonder how to hide love handles. If you are looking for confederate flags and rebel flags then this the dixie shop would definitely help you.

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You Can Buy A Good Shapewear

These days shapewear is easily available in the market. It helps you to flatten the excess fat of your tummy and helps in lifting your bottoms and gives you a slimmer effect.

Investing in good shapewear will help you two look good in all the outfits you choose to wear.

Go for Thick Fabrics

Thick fabrics easily stick to one’s body and decrease the chances of showing excess fat. You can go for moderately thick fabrics that have detailed designs.

Always choose dresses that hide love handles.

Choose Dark Color Clothes

 It is believed that wearing a dark color outfit gives you an illusion of a slimmer figure and hides the excess bulginess of your body, so next time you choose an outfit go for red dark color.

Opt for Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are always a better option to hide your tummy fat instead of opting for a horizontal stripe outfit. Vertical stripes also make you look taller than your usual height.

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Complete Your Look with a Statement Necklace

Accessorizing is the best way to hide your bulges. Wearing a statement necklace is the best option as it will draw attention to the necklace and people won’t stop complimenting your look and indirectly you will hide your love handles.

Wear a Scarf

Completing your look with a bright patterned scarf is also a great trick to divert everyone’s attention away from your tummy fat and bulges.

The scarf will draw attention to your face and other features and helps you to hide love handles.

There are also multiple uses of wearing a scarf – you can use it to cover your face or wipe the excess greasiness on your skin.

Wear Off Shoulder Flattering Neckline Dresses with Flashy Earrings

Wearing an off-shoulder dress will enhance your collar bones and divert the attention towards your neck area.

You can also opt for dresses with flattering necklines that will make you look more put together.

How to wear a bodycon dress with love handles is quite a trend these days.

You can also complete the look by wearing flashy and bold earrings that would draw everyone’s attention to your facial features.

Choose Your Lingerie Wisely

Your lingerie plays a very important role to enhance your body shape. If you are fat or have bulges you should avoid wearing loose undergarments instead go for sports bras that would look firm and give an illusion of a slim figure and hence it can also hide your love handles.

Although everyone must admire and appreciate their body type, you can still try to look more attractive and put together if you follow the above tricks to hide your love handles.

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