Aloxxi Hair Color Review
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Aloxxi Hair Color Review

Are you looking for an Aloxxi hair color review?

Are you looking for a product which can help your hair to remain gorgeous during and after the coloring process?

If yes, then this Aloxxi Hair Color Review is perfect for you.

Aloxxi Hair Color is the best for the people who are coloring their hair frequently. They are offering 5 types of hair color and very wide range of hair products. I have tried ANDIAMO Express 7C shade which is a permanent hair color, because I have been dying my hair frequently.

Aloxxi Hair Color is a Long-lasting color, vibrancy and shine. It Achieve up to 4 levels of lift. ANDIAMO Express comes up in a 21 fast-acting shades.

The best thing is Aloxxi Hair Color is cruelty free. The price of Aloxxi Hair Color (7C Andiamo Express) is US $11.50.

Aloxxi Hair Color Review

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Types of Aloxxi hair color

  • CHROMA Permanent (Creme Colour)
  • ANDIAMO Express (Permanent Colour)
  • TONES Demi (Permanent Colour)
  • ULTRA HOT Intense (Semi-Permanent Colour)
  • DIMENSIONS (Highlighting® Colour)

Let’s start the review of Aloxxi Hair Color (Andiamo Express)

Aloxxi Hair Color Review

Each product comes with clear directions. The color creme comes in a 21 fast-acting shades. I opened my Aloxxi Hair Color and I opened the instruction.

First I read all the instruction properly then I began to mix the 2 component as per the instructions. I have mixed it in a plastic bowl. I prefer to mix my all hair color in a plastic bowl because mixing it in a metal bowl is not good.

After applying the color to your hair, simply wait for 10 to 15 minutes. After that rinse it thoroughly and apply the nourishing conditioner.

The last step was after applying i immediately picked up a hair dryer to check if it worked or not and to my surprise, it is looking fabulous.

I really liked using this Aloxxi hair color dye because it was close to my natural hair color it helped me to blend in easier and not show as many mistakes.

Product Recommendation

Aloxxi Hair Color



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