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Bleach London White Toner Review

If you love experimenting with your hair and you are eager to try bleach then the bleach London white toner review is the ultimate guide.

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About the Product

The bleach London toner is a semi-permanent dye that is nourishing and it neutralizes the color of your hair.

The hair mask that they provide helps in keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. The effect of the product lasts till 16 to 20 washes. The effect of the product might vary as per your previous treatments, hair length, etc.

The bleach London white toner kit contains:

  • Gloves for applying the toner.
  • A repairing treatment mask,
  • And a coloring developer lotion.

My Reviews About Bleach London White Toner

After purchasing the product I followed all the instructions as mentioned on the product and the results were astonishing.

I applied the mixture directly to my hair and roots and massaged it thoroughly until my entire hair length was covered.

It took me a while to apply the product properly all over my hair and then I left it for about 20 minutes and after 20 minutes I rinsed it with water. After washing my hair I used the shampoo to remove any remaining color and then applied the treatment mask that was provided

After this, the final result was worth appreciating. The bleach London white toner before and after effects are just amazing.

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Pros of Using Bleach London White Toner

The biggest advantage of using the product is that you don’t need professional guidance for using it.

All the instructions were mentioned on the package and you just need to follow the procedures to get your bleach done.

Cons of Using Bleach London White Toner

Throughout this entire procedure, I felt tired as the bleaching part, rinsing part, and applying the mask were quite a hectic task and time-consuming too. In between, I felt like just going to a salon and getting my hair done but then a little bit of patience and the results were mind-blowing.

Hence, I would highly recommend this product to the ones who are still looking for the right kind of bleach for their hair.

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