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Bliss and Grace Makeup Brush Review

Makeup brushes play a very important role while doing makeup. No matter how long-lasting and good quality your foundation base is, if your brush is not of good quality it will eventually ruin the entire makeup look.

So, it is very important to invest in a good makeup brush set. Read the full bliss and grace makeup brushes review and then make the right choice.

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About The Brushes

The product retails for $15.03.

Bliss and grace professional wood makeup brush set includes – 24 brushes each for different purposes.

  • They are made of synthetic microfiber grade A and the handles are made up of wood.
  • These are antibacterial hypoallergenic bristles that are very soft and quite handy while traveling.
  • They also provide a travel pouch which makes it even easier to carry.
  • These brushes can be used for different makeup purposes like- applying eye shadow, blush, concealer, or blending in your foundation, highlighter, etc.

My Bliss and Grace Makeup Brush Review

I have always preferred makeup brushes over beauty blenders. I feel brushes help in blending the makeup more smoothly and perfectly.



  • Bliss and grace makeup brushes were soft on my skin.
  • The best part was that it didn’t irritate or affect my skin in any way.
  • Since I belong to the sensitive acne-prone skin type I was afraid to use makeup brushes but this product doesn’t harm your skin at all as it is a hypoallergenic antibacterial product.
  • They provide different brushes for different makeup requirements such as the large fan-shaped brush can be used for applying highlighter and contour whereas the small tiny brushes can be used for blending eye shadows.
  • They have a variety of brushes as per your needs.


  • Since the handles of the brushes are made up of wood they are quite hard and uncomfortable while holding.
  • Once I got hit in my chin area accidentally because of the handle. But apart from that, the quality of the grace brush is good and worth the money.

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