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Ellore Femme Makeup Brush Review

Ellore Femme is a set of 24 professional makeup brushes. They provide you with a wide range of tools as per different requirements.

This set is designed for blending makeup on the different areas of your face. For example chin area, cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, etc. Read the full Ellore Femme brush reviews to know more.

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About the Ellore Femme Makeup Brush

The regular price of the Ellore Femme brushes is – $120.

The entire set of Ellore Femme makeup brushes includes-

  • A Concealer brush
  • An Eyeshadow brush
  • Highlighter brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Fan-shaped brushes
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Sponge eyeshadow brush
  • Other large and medium-size brushes.

All these brushes are designed in a way to fulfill all your makeup requirements. No matter which area of your face you want to focus on, the variety of brushes includes almost every kind of brush which you might look for.

The Ellore Femme makeup brush reviews come along in a black color pouch along with a plastic cap which protects the brushes from getting dirty.

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My Ellore Femme Makeup Brush Review

Since my face is very structured and my eyebrow bones are quite edgy, I always struggled for the right kind of brush to blend in the makeup in that area.

Thanks to the Ellore Femme makeup brush set that solved this problem as they have a variety of brushes for every makeup purpose.

Ellore Femme Makeup Brush Review

Pros of Ellore Femme Brushes

  • It made it so easy for me to blend in the eyeshadow near my eyebrow bone area. The Ellore Femme brushes were extremely soft and skin-friendly and they blended the makeup well.
  • I strongly feel that if you have a set of such makeup brushes you don’t need a sponge or a beauty blender anymore.
  • Also, the roll-up case makes it very easy to carry these brushes in your bag. Therefore, making it extremely travel friendly.

Cons of Ellore Femme Brushes

  • The price of the brushes set was comparatively higher than any other brand.
  • But it is a one-time investment.
  • Once you purchase them, you no longer need to hunt for makeup blenders.

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