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How Much Does Your Hair Weigh?

Every person has that curiosity to know that how much does my hair weigh?

Let’s make it a bit simple,

First, let understand what hair is made of?

What hair is made of?

  • Hair is made of a protein which is known as keratin.
  • A hair follicle anchors each of your hair into the skin of your body.
  • The bulb of your hair simply forms the base of your hair follicle.

Now, let’s comes to the point that how much does hair weigh?

How Much Does Hair Weigh?

It happens to everyone while looking at the mirror, well every person has different types of hair, some have high volume hair or some have short hair. So, it simply means it depends upon the volume and lengths of your hair.

So, how much does my hair weigh? The answer is : very little! Some may feel that their hair is very heavy it is because of the thickness and long lengths of their hair.

Various sources and researches on the Internet are claiming that a full head of long length hair weighs from an ounce or two which is 30–60 grams.

Some people weighing their hair on the machine and they feel that their hair looks heavy but it’s not the case, I feel those measurements are inaccurate.

To calculate the accurate weight of your hair you have to extract the hair from your scalp. And that’s not possible.

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Sometimes we also have this kind of question that what is my strand of hair weighs?

How Much Does A Strand of Hair Weigh?

Researches show that it weigh between 0.2 to 0.5 milligrams. As again it depends upon your hair type. This question is highly objective.

It doesn’t matter how heavy is hair, the thing matters the most is your hair healthy?

You can check it by simply check this 10 signs your hair is healthy, even if it doesn’t feel like it

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