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How to make any Lipstick Look Matte

If you’re looking for a tip on how to make any lipstick matte, you have come to the right place. Matte Lipstick is the perfect velvety appearance to your lips, which usually stands out with just a light bold statement, stopping people off in their tracks.

It might not always be the easiest look to Pull Off, but if done correctly, you’ll look absolutely flawless. While it is possible to get the lip-gloss look with lipsticks that do not contain matte colour.

I would much rather have the matte colour, because I think it’s so much more flattering than having something that’s either too dark or too light, it’s such an amazing transition between the two.

There are also many other reasons for having a nice smooth skin, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Steps to make any Lipstick look matte

Step #1: The first thing is to line your lips with the help of pencil. I use PAC Lip Brush

Step #2: Secondly, fill them in with the lipstick; make sure it is equally on all the edges.

Step #3: Thirdly, you can use powder and a tissue, take a tissue and simply put it in your lips and then spread the powder in the tissue with the help of brush.

Done and Dusted!

Other Ways to make your lipstick look matte

Lip Primer

So how to you go about getting the perfect matte lipstick? Well there are many ways and one of the best methods I have found for getting the lipsticks to look great on you, is to start off with a lip primer.

Primer generally does two things, it first makes the colour of the makeup look thicker, and second it makes it look a lot more “wear” able. This means that you can wear it more often without the lip liner beginning to show, or vice versa.

Blot your makeup

Another way of obtaining the perfect look is to blot your makeup after you apply it, and apply a second coat of it to your lips.

A lot of people don’t do this and end up with blotchy, smudged looking matte lips. You can usually get away with blotting with some blotting paper, and some lip balm, and it will dry pretty quickly.

Use a Lip Gloss

It will also give your lips some color, so they look a little bit more natural. All in all, I recommend spraying some lip gloss over your lipstick before you even put it on, this will also help your lipstick to last longer and look better on you, without having to worry about smudges.


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