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How To Make Swallowing Pills Easier For Old Parents

Swallowing difficulty is among the common consequences of medical conditions like stroke and Chronic disease.

This has a negative effect on the entire nervous system, and this, in turn, affects the throat. 

According to an interesting study, in the US, around 20% of the individuals under 50 and almost all the individuals by 80 experience Swallowing disease.

So the population is large enough and motivates oneself to get into the reason behind swallowing disease.

There are effective medications like pill swallowing gel that helps old people cope up with swallowing issues. Let’s discuss the ways in this article.

Tablets Are Real Worry 

It is often observed that Tablets create a lot of problems. Hard coated Tablets make swallowing difficult, especially for the vulnerable sections.

Sometimes strokes and surgery among older people negatively affect the throat. This makes the throat narrow down.

Now when the individual goes to swallow a pill, he finds himself in a great deal of difficulty. Here From, another factor emanates.

It is the fear factor. Fear factors stop an individual from swallowing the Tablets. It is also observed that swallowing tablets becomes difficult when your throat is extremely dry. Dry throat creates trouble for the older sections. 

Swallowing Pills: Tips That Help 

There are certain tips that you could follow with the elderly individual back home. These techniques are tried and tested to provide a better solution to swallowing difficulty. 

Pop-Bottle Methods For Swallowing Tablets

Take a Plastic Bottle that is flexible enough to be squeezed. Take the tablet and put it at the end of your tongue. Put the bottle in your mouth and squeeze it with your hand. Let the bottle force of water do the rest of the task.

Here the water swiftly enters the esophagus and carries along with it the tablets inside without creating much of a problem. 

The following technique works effectively because squeezing the bottle helps engage the swallowing reflexes. This helps the individual swallow the tablet easily. 

Lean Forward Methods Of Swallowing Capsules

This is another important method of swallowing capsules for elderly people. This involves certain steps:

1. Fill a glass or cup or a bottle with water.

2. Now, place the tablet on your tongue.

3. Take medium water and try to swallow the tablet.

4. While swallowing the tablet, make sure that you move your chin close to your chest.

5. When you keep your chin and throat close to your heart, it will automatically help you swallow the tablet.

Putting The Water In Your Mouth First

If you are putting water in your mouth first and then try to swallow the tablet, it can be a lot easier.

This method is more practical and effective with patients who are older in age. The liquid in the mouth facilitates getting the tablet through the esophagus. 

Gel Pills

Gel Pills are deemed highly effective in swallowing. Compared to the hard forms, they are much easy to be swallowed.

Actually, these Gel pills are available in two forms, the hard gel, and the soft gel capsules. Soft Gel Capsules are actually coated with Gelatin. Gelatin is a form of protein that is actually derived from the animals. 

This quickly gets broken down into the body. These easily decompose into the body. That is why there are lesser risks associated with these Gel Pills. That is why gel Pills are quite good and effective for old people. 

Except the methods discussed above, there are a couple of other methods that facilitate swallowing capsules. 

Firstly, you could crush or cut the pills into smaller and manageable pieces. This eases swallowing the capsules. This is meant especially for children and older patients.

There are certain medications that are available in liquid form. Drug Compounding services try to make sure that most of the prescribed medicines meant for senior citizens are manufactured in liquid forms.

If nothing really works for the elder patients, then the tablets are crushed and are fed using liquid-like Yogurt.

Thus it is expected that the techniques might help the elderly people in tackling swallowing problems.


It could therefore be concluded that swallowing tablets turn out to be challenging for old people.

There are certain ways that help older people cope with swallowing issues. Therefore, it depends on one individual another which methods will be most suitable. So try these methods to give relief to the elderly person back home. 

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