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How to pick a sequin blazers for men?

Blazers are famous for their versatility. They are an essential clothing item that is equally useful for women & men. Blazers are not only convenient outerwear pieces in spring & fall when it’s not too cold to wear a warm coat, but they also boost the class of an outfit & give a slimming effect to the body, helping a man to look smart, sharp, & ready for work.

It is considered that man’s blazer doesn’t always have to be used to maintain a professional outlook. Despite typically being on the formal side, sequin blazers for men can be a great addition to any look when going out to a party, date, or even casual brunch with the pals. To find out more about sequin blazers Click Here

Now, if you want to know how to pick such a men’s sparkly jacket and try to avoid becoming a faux pas of fashion, you have to ask these common questions first:

  • Do these glitter blazers for men have a perfect fit?
  • When & where do you want to wear it?
  • Are the style & the color suitable for you?

Luckily, by following these mentioned points, you can save yourself from a fashion disaster & end-up buying a sequin blazer that fits perfectly and is appropriate for whatever event you want to wear it.

  1. Ensure you get the perfect fit:

One of the biggest challenges while selecting a men’s sequin blazer is to get one that would fit right. Even though sequin blazers are more fun than a run-of-the-mill casual blazer, they still have technical cuts like a formal jacket.

Every man has a different shoulder’s broadness, & if you don’t choose a sequin blazer that fits your shoulder width, you risk looking hunched over or that your sequin coat has scrunched, which no one like! Next, you must ensure that your blazer’s arm length is correct. You choose to find a glitter jacket of full-length arm style or a 3/4 length cut. At last, you need to ensure the blazer’s bust area is appropriately fitted. A sequin blazer has a bust that can be uncomfortable & look visibly too fit; on the other hand, a blazer with a loose bust will look big, and both are not a smart choice for men.

  1. Consider when & where you want to wear it:

Sequin blazers for men can come in all types of styles & cuts, ranging from:

  • A traditional cut blazer that’s designed for work & social events
  • A low-cut sequin blazer for men specifically for a night out
  • A droopy boyfriend-cut sequin blazer that enhances a bit of flair in a casual fall outfit

You can pick a sequin blazer if you plan to wear it to networking or office events. So you need to keep in mind your intended social event while picking a men’s sparkly jacket.

  1. Consider the style & color:

Finally, you have to keep in mind while selecting a sequin blazer how it’ll go with your other closet clothes. You will indeed be wearing your jacket layered on top of your other outfit, so it’s necessary to consider the clothes colors & style you usually wear. In this way, you can enhance how functional your new glittery blazer is. A darker sequin jacket to contrast with your other outfits is a good option for men. Alternatively, if you want to look a bit fancier, you can opt oppositely. Whatever your style is, ensure that your sequin blazer compliments for optimal results.

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