Is EMS Training Safe For Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Women?

EMS training is receiving thumbs up from all corners as people observe the benefits of the systems. But is it all safe for Pregnant or Breastfeeding women? 

This is indeed a billion-dollar question that is to be answered. There are a lot of talks and counterarguments regarding the application of wireless electrical muscle stimulation on people. It needs more constructive study and evidence.

So, we are going to discuss and analyze the safety issues that it has with Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Women. 

What’s EMS Training?

This is an enhancement for rehabilitation training that helps people recover from injuries. You have to wear a training suit when you are taking EMS training.

This looks like a wetsuit that is lined with tiny pads. The pads work to provide electric impulses and stimulate your muscles.

As a result, the muscles contract. It is also said that 20 minutes of exercise in one session is equivalent to six hours of normal exercise. And the claim is massive. 

EMS Sessions: Can You Do It During Pregnancy? 

Pregnancy for women is a highly complex stage, and it is not advised to take training during pregnancy. 

To be very practical, no study has been conducted on the EMS training when an individual takes it during the Pregnancy stage.

So the possible effects, as well as dangers, are not investigated sufficiently. Therefore why take risks? If you are suspected pregnant, it’s better not to take this training.

EMS can potentially harm a child’s development in its mother’s pregnancy. There are some constructive reasons.

Unlike moderate exercise, EMS training leads to a high increase in body temperature. Now because the fetus has no temperature-regulating mechanism, EMS training has a negative effect on unborn children.  

Therefore, it is no real harm to take this for some week before the pregnancy. But when the good news comes  you should abstain from EMS training 

EMS Training During Breastfeeding Period? 

There have been wide-scale observations and clinical studies conducted on EMS and its possible effects during the breastfeeding period. 

Well, speaking from the point of view of principals, there is no harm or nothing wrong with EMS training during breastfeeding. 

It is best if you breastfeed your child before you train. Studies revealed that babies don’t accept mothers’ milk after the training. 

But whatever the study might tell you, it’s better to take the training soon after pregnancy and not during pregnancy.

And yes, your decision is not your decision but that of the physicians. Therefore make sure you get the necessary advice from your physician. It will be safe for you. 

EMS Training After Pregnancy Benefits

There are certain benefits of EMS training that one reaps after pregnancy. So, let’s go on to discuss the benefits. 

Strengthening Of Muscles

Have you crossed your pregnancy period? Determined to start your regular training session? But how do you manage time with the new baby?

Well, EMS definitely provides you with an alternative to strenuous exercise. With EMS training you are gaining your lean muscle mass quicker. This is the reason the hamstrings, abdominals, glutes…all get engaged simultaneously. 

Weight Loss

Women gain more weight after giving birth to a child. At this stage, you need to consume nutritious food to recover fast. Since  EMS makes you gain fat, you will be able to lose weight in a regulated manner.  

Relief From Muscle And Joint Pain

It is quite common that you develop back pain as well as sciatica pain. This might make performing daily activities more difficult.

Therefore, for those who have been injured, the EMS fitness training process helps in strengthening the muscles.

Osteoporosis and Bone fractures may be prevented by strengthening the muscles that get weakened with the passage of time. 

Shrinks And Enlarges The Stomach

Remember that the abdomen is the most impacted area of your body. While few women may simply regain their shape, others might find it extremely difficult to reduce abdominal fat.

In this situation, EMS keeps your muscles toned. 


EMS Training is quite a mechanized training and not a natural one. It might bring with it added risks, especially when you are in your pregnancy state.

Even though, principally, there is no harm in taking EMS during and after the breastfeeding time, it is better to take the advice of experts and physicians when you go for EMS training. 

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