Jennifer Valentine-Miller’s story

It has been now over 3 years since constant complaints from her husband around stalking has bombarded the PR Practitioner emotionally.  During National Stalking Awareness Week (19 – 23 April)  Jennifer will take to her Twitter account to obtain support in order to help others.

 The obvious thoughts

Jennifer believed at first that her husband must have made dating contacts online, clicked on a dubious site, or reconnected with an ex-partner.  “It’s none of those things,” says her husband.  ‘’I am just busy getting on with my work (on the building site) and I keep getting whistled at, or they are following me to work, or tracking my car movements”.  The Police have said that the whistling can either be a racist hate crime, drugs related, or sexually motivated. Even though all three of these acts are illegal there is still not enough evidence to bring about charges and warrant an arrest.

 Are past life experiences to blame?

Her husband has in the past told many people about his past life and how he successfully overcame alcohol and substance abuse following on from an abusive relationship. Is some out there taking advantage of his vulnerability? In Britain, the Sarah Everad case in 2021 has not gone away – and that is what most probably I and many others including the Police see as stalking.

The real support out there

It seems that stalking must be either a murder inquiry or evidence caught on camera to be taken seriously. Redbridge local council provides guidance and information to anybody who is currently or has previously been affected by harassment or stalking, and thanks to the national news it reminds me not to let my husband down and do not leave it too late especially if.  Jennifer’s has risk factors that makes him a prime target for stalkers. If Jennifer and her husband are able to find out where the stalker(s) live then they should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously online, or if it is protection or advice that is needed in relation to ongoing stalking incidences then contacting the Protection Against Stalking team via support@protectionagainststalking.org is also good advice.

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