Kleancolor Lipstick Review
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Klean color Lipstick Review

Klean color Lipsticks are long-lasting lipsticks with a wide variety of shades and ranges. Kleancolor presents a grand collection featuring a wide assortment of colors ranging from muted neutrals to vivacious plums and everything else in between to help you achieve the most dramatic and versatile looks.

Each lipstick weighs 109 grams. And a pack of six madly matte lipstick from the pink, red and lavender color collections retails for $6.58. The variety includes lipsticks with a creamy finish and lipsticks with a matte finish.

6 pair of Kleancolor madly matte lipstick set bold vivid pink apricot lipstick costs $10.99.

Getting a dress like Victorian ball gown to match your lipstick is one of the best thing you can do. Matching your lipstick with your outfit is one of the most important thing.

Kleancolor Lipstick Reviews

If you are also quite fond of applying makeup and lipstick matter the most as they help in enhancing the features, then this brand will surely not fail to mesmerize you, and the product quality, range, and shades will not fail to impress you. The color and shades of Kleancolor lipstick review will make your pout the best among your female buddies.

Types of Colors

  •  13 dragon fruit,
  • 14 Orchard,
  • 15 brick Rose,
  • 16 Rosemary,
  • 17 Heather, and
  • 18 wild orchid.

Kleancolor ranges in the top 100 categories of brands under beauty and personal care. If you want to add one more lipstick brand to your makeup list then your search ends here at Klean color lipstick review.

Kleancolor Lipstick Reviews

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Pros of Kleancolor Lipstick

The creamy texture of the lipsticks keeps your lips moisturized and nourished and keeps it away from dryness. Meanwhile the mattifying finish of the product will give a glimpse of fuller lips that are quite trendy these days.

Cons of Kleancolor Lipstick

The only demerit in the product is its taste. The taste isn’t bad but it’s kind of weird.

Wearing the lipstick for more than 4 hours might make your taste buds feel a different flavor altogether, if they add the actual fruit flavor as they mention, this lipstick would be the best-selling product in the makeup industry.

You can create different makeup looks with these dynamic shade lipsticks easily and compliments won’t stop for you.

Product Recommendation

Kleancolor Lipstick

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