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Molly Mae Curl Kit Honest Review |Beauty Works|

Are you looking for a curling kit for your hair? Are you looking for a kit which can help your curly hair to prevent and style properly then this Molly Mae Curl Kit Reviews is just for you.

What is Molly Mae Curl Kit?

It is a limited edition product by Beauty works with the collaboration with Molly-Mae. The kit contains Molly Mae Curling Wand.

The color of Molly Mae Curler is pink. It contains 10 pins of curl clips to style your wavy hair. This Beauty Works Professional Styler is mainly designed for long curly hair.

The price of this Molly Mae Hair Curler kit is £76.49 (currently it is in offer). Previously I have used Jack and Jillian Hair Straightener  but it was not worth it, but this kit is awesome for my hair.

Gift Ideas

Gift is something which everybody is confuse to. You’re confuse to what to gift to your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend and any of your loved ones.

You can gift this Molly Mae Curler to any of your friend and the one whom you love. There are some accessories which you can try like earnings, hair scarf, hair band and necklace and this is for the extra look which is also important. You can get an perfect gift for your loved ones to make them feel special. Earnings and necklace is something which gives you can extra look to your bold attire.

What comes in the Molly Mae Curl Kit?

Molly Mae Curling Wand

Molly Mae Curling Wand



Carry Case

Protection Gloves


Hacks about Molly Mae Curl Kit

  • First tip is you can choose the barrel size that you want.
  • Second tip is you can section your hair in different parts (I take a section of roughly no bigger than two inches wide, I am choosing smaller section because Molly Mae says if you took small section then your curls will stay for a longer time).
  • Third tip is to use Hairspray on your section before curling.
  • Fourth tip is to curl your hair away from the face.
  • Fifth tip is to pin your curls to make them last longer.
  • Sixth tip is to use the full length of barrel when curling.
  • The last tip is to brush out your curls.

Features of Molly Mae Curling Wand

  • Barrel width is 32 mm.
  • Barrel length is 18.5 cm.
  • Adjustable temperature (80-220°C).
  • Ten pin curl clips.
  • Oval paddle brush.
  • Ceramic coated barrel.
  • Carry case.
  • Protective glove.
  • UK electrical plug.

Let’s start the review of Molly Mae Curling Wand,

Molly Mae Curl Kit Reviews

First, the color of this Molly Mae Curler is pink and I love the color of this wand.

The best thing about this Molly Mae Hair Curler is that the long barrel creates effortlessly balanced curls. They have an adjustable temperature option to between 80-220°C.

They, Beauty works and Molly Mae care too much about their customers that’s why they give two things one is carrying case and the second is a protective glove which prevents your hand.

But I want to tell you guys that the cons about this Molly Mae Hair Curler are that their carrying case is not heat resistant.

If you follow these 7 tips then you can get long-lasting curls.

My friend bought this kit too and she told me that she would have never found a curler that works so flawlessly on her extensions until this one.

I have bought it online from look fantastic but you can buy it from wherever you want. heat mat, clips and brush well the wand

Product Recommendation

Beauty Works X Molly Mae Curl Kit – Look Fantastic

Beauty Works X Molly-Mae Curl Kit – Beauty Works

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