Pepperstone Reviews: Pros & Cons Explained

Since opening its services in 2010, the most trusted Pepperstone Group has greatly emerged as the best top-tier player in an online broker landscape, building an extremely feature-packed and competitive trading portal that concentrates on metals, indices, shares, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies. Plus, you should also learn forex trading if you want to become an expert in trading.

Well, the minimum deposit of about 200 units, in the beginning, helps quite new traders get into this game, underpinned incredibly by leverage levels of about maximum 500:1. This company is basically regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the U.K. Like many other brokers; it doesn’t really accept the traders of the U.S.

In our pepperstone reviews, you will be able to get familiar with many essential things you should know about this amazing brokerage. So, let’s get started:

Markets & products

You can easily trade over 600 US stocks at Pepperstone as share CFDs, mainly including the big companies like Apple, Alibaba, Exxon, Facebook, and Boeing. Plus, you can also go short and long. After-hours trading is quite possible when earnings are generally released by the platform.

Pepperstone Broker – Top Benefits & Disadvantages

Incredible Benefits:

  • Pepperstone actually advertises even minimum spreads of FX starting from only one pip with no commission for the standard account. Well, this is quite competitive in the space of retail FX brokerage.
  • It is regulated by the FCA, which is one of the best U.K regulatory agencies and is regarded worldwide for being really strict in ensuring that the practices of the market are very fair for both businesses and individuals. In simple terms, being regulated by any of the most reputed government agencies goes a really long way in order to establishing the firm credibility in a cost-effective manner.
  • Traders accept some risks that are inherent in most markets, but they will surely like the ease and peace of mind after knowing that the funds aren’t directed to any kind of risks outside of the specific ones that they are exactly talking about, like the counterparty risk. In addition, all the funds of the clients are usually held at the most trusted Tier 1 banks, which is amazing.
  • It offers its customers a great choice between MetaTrader 5 &MetaTrader 4, a top-notch system with the latest technical features and liquidity-providing costs. The features mainly include back-testing, algorithm strategy support, and detachable charts.

Possible Drawbacks

  • The maintenance of the website leaves a lot to be attained. The website presence is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of the most efficient and top organization. While the website of Pepperstone contains an involuntary feel, there are also some pages with either outdated, incomplete, or incorrect information.
  • It doesn’t accept any of the clients from the U.K because of the regulatory constraints. This precludes it from being considered a genuine global brokerage. It would be somehow a red glad if it was not regulated by FCA. But there is no need to worry about that as it is considered the preeminent regulatory broker due to its regulation.

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