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Pixie Lott Hair Dye Honest Review 2021

As you can see on below picture, it is clearly visible I just applied Pixie Lott’s Hair Colour. It was released in October 2015.

It last 2 to 10 washes and it is a temporary. I was happy that I just tried it and my review for Pixie Lott Hair Dye is fantastic, the price is reasonably affordable, £5.99.

In the first stage when I am trying something for the first time, I always use product which is affordable to buy.

I bought it online but you can buy it from your nearby local store, I found that online it is cheap as compare to nearby store. So, I bought it anyway.


Types of shades in Pixie Lott Hair Dye:

  • Violet
  • Sorbet
  • Hawaii
  • Starlight


So, let’s discuss what you will get in the packaging.

  • 1 wash out colour tube
  • 2 fade out shampoo sachets
  • 1 gloves pair
  • And a set of instructions.

How to Apply Pixie Lott Hair Dye

There are people who have just bought the product and are looking for a guide, maybe they have any confusion or something about it. Then I am here to help.

Let’s start how to apply it

The first thing you should do is lightly washing your hair with your daily use shampoo

After washing  your hair now take a towel and  dry your hair until you feel it very damp, but note your hairs should be wet a bit. Don’t try your hair with hairdryer.

Take a comb or anything which you feel can help you to create a section of your hair and then apply it to all over or just the selected area where you want highlights, do what you prefer the most

The next step is to leave it for 10-15 minutes, in the instruction it was mentioned, But I prefer it to leave it for maximum 30 minutes, Just telling you what I did.

Next, Wash your hairs without using shampoo.

NOTE : I prefer to wash my hair without shampoo after applying hair dye.

At the end you can use conditioner, but just a little bit is enough.

Cheers! It’s done


Pixie Lott Hair Dye Review

Firstly I was not aware about the product, and then I checked the Google reviews. I found that there were not much reviews or how to do’s.

So, I decided to use it by myself, in the instructions I found everything I was looking for. It was just a miracle.

The smell of the Pixie Lott Hair Paint was awesome it was like fresh and fruity smell, my hands still have that smell on it.

I was not aware about this brand called Pixie Lott Paint but after buying this I am sure I will buy another product of this same brand. It was awesome at the first time.

This was not any paid promotion or any brand has not given me sponsored product or some other gifts, it’s just my personal experience.


Recommendation to buy




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