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Doing surgery to reduce your is not an efficient way to get a smaller forehead. However, it involves so many complications like pain in your head, swelling, risk, and anxiety. Everyone is not that capable to afford the pre-surgery and post-surgery cost

So, here comes the question how to make your forehead smaller, what you can do to reduce the size of your forehead if you have a big forehead. Although this is not a permanent solution but, it can help you a lot.

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Hairstyles to make your Forehead Look Smaller

There are many different hairstyle ideas for smaller foreheads. People with smaller foreheads may find it hard to find good hairstyles that will bring out the best in their hair.

This is because many stylists do not know how to create hair styles that will accentuate the person’s facial features instead of hiding them. One way to get around this is by trying to find hairstyles that will make your face look its best.

Loose Fringes Hairstyle

You don’t have time to get ready? Then this hairstyle is perfect for you, simply cutting your hairs from front and the most important it doesn’t matter your hair is below the shoulder or your hair is short. This hairstyle works for all hair rather it is short or long.

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Bob Cut Hairstyle

It is a type of frame for your face which will help you to make your forehead look smaller. If your hair color is red or blue, then it is perfect for you to make forehead smaller naturally.

Long Deep Side Bangs Hairstyle

But what if you like to keep your hair long? Then this is the hairstyle which can make your forehead smaller for long hair. Although it takes time to grow your hair, but after couple of time (depends upon your hair growth) generally it is 3 to 6 months.

Add Volume to your Hair

Adding volume to your hair is simple and easiest way to make your forehead look smaller. Just adding some volume to your hair can help you to get rid of smaller forehead, just make sure you don’t have a hair fall problem.

Curly Hairstyle

You can simply curl your hair so that it looks good in any weather, as curly hair save your time, save you from buying access accessories, easier on your arms and last it is good for your hair health. So, if you have a little bit of curly hair or you want to make your hair curly it is one of the best way to make your forehead look smaller.

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Although out of 10 people, 5 people have this kind of problem. They are asking it to themselves how to make my forehead look smaller. This simple guide can help you to make your forehead look smaller.

Simply choose any hairstyles which suits best to you. If you are not able to find any hairstyle then you can experiment every hairstyles for some time.

The chances are that it will let you know which hairstyles will suit you and that will give you some idea as to which ones to avoid.


While hairstyles can help you maintain the appearance of a smaller forehead, in some instances, this can never be a permanent solution. If you want to get this addressed once and for all, please consult with a plastic surgeon. They will be able to guide you on the pros and cons of getting a procedure done and how it is going to affect your life.

Another thing that can help you decide on a hairstyle for a smaller forehead is to take a good look at the person’s hairstyle. There are people whose hairstyles are centred on their forehead and that make their face appear much longer.

These are the hairstyles that should be avoided because they will only make a person’s face seem shorter. The best hairstyles for a smaller face include those that frame the person’s face and add height.

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