The Short book is a step in the right direction

The author of “Words Pressed a Short Biography” received favourable reviews even though her project, unlike your regular book, was read and digested in less time. Many found that the varied chapters made it very interesting. Just like a short play, the main character was developed and successful in combating conflict and overcoming the battles their surroundings.  It might not be appeal to the masses because of its lame mission, i.e. “we know where it is going but what is the message?” – All the more if read with a different mindset, the short book alongside its S.M.A.R.T project approach, aims to also bridge the gap between life, interests, aspirations, and outcomes. If a short book/publication contains sensitive information, then it must be written without suspicion and shared with a selective few – with the understanding of challenges people face when it comes to motivation, issues in the work place or in their personal lives.

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Aims: Like a Theatrical Play

Converting a book into audio takes away that black and white feel and converts the planning and decision-making into an aura of technicolor. Writing a book is a challenge no matter how many pages is generated. It provides an incredible sense of purpose, drive, and clarity around personal subjects that was shrouded in mystery becomes clear.

“Just because your film or play is short doesn’t mean you cannot have an effective beginning and mid-point. Anything that keeps your audience from guessing your ending is an asset. Make sure the ending is the best thing about you and your great and play. The pay-off is what you’re leaving the audience with and how they are going to remember you. “Ten Rules for Writing a Successful Short Script” (Linda Cowgill)

Similarities to Newspapers!

The BBC points out that a tabloid setting has shorter sentences and paragraphs and use more basic vocabulary – reports are sensationalized using emotive language and they may focus more on celebrities and gossip, e.g. The Sun and The Daily Mirror.  If writing takes places within a broadsheet newspaper the sentences will be longer and more complicated, and the vocabulary will be more advanced.  The tone is more formal and serious as they focus on important national and international issues, e.g. The Times and The Telegraph

 Words Pressed: The conclusion

Words that are pressed vary from a message to useful information that is said in fewer words as opposed to the format laid down by its mother, the novel. No one will be left short because “Words Pressed” will get to the point, after they have been ironed out and left to dry. That way it becomes unflappable, not swaying from left to right. Compressing a subject and keeping it compact can be very gratifying. This adds to the enjoyment of creating more projects as opposed to leaving them in suspended animation. “Words Pressed” starts off as black and white then to one’s surprise, after having followed the guidance that was carefully laid down, they can appear dramatically different. The book “Words Pressed” was so named because its writings are for those who have the time to accept words that last forever. Words that are pressed are nothing more than the original flower reserved and constantly watered.

Words that are pressed can express one’s feelings very artistically. Many people have said that words cannot truly express how one feels – “Words Pressed” says it all. With meticulous attention and creativity, you will believe that you presentation will make a leaf become a tree and petals take the shape of a mountain. “Words Pressed a Short Biography” is available on the Amazon Platform and via Audible.

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