Younique Splash Lipstick Review
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Younique Splash Lipstick Review

Are you looking for a lipstick which doesn’t stick sticky?

Are you looking for a long lasting lipstick? Then this Younique Splash Lipstick Review will definitely help you.

It comes in a 10 Bold and Vibrant Colors with a Long Lasting Matte Finish. It is weightless and it hydrates your skin. The price of this Younique Lipstick is $27 USD.

This Younique lipstick is the best one I have got after the ColourPop Safiya Nygaard Lipstick.

Let’s talk about the shades in Younique Splash Liquid Lipstick

Types of Shades












Let’s start the review of Younique Lipstick

Younique Splash Lipstick Review

Few weeks back my sister recommends me this Younique Lipstick, so firstly I was thinking it is a bit costly. But after using it now I think it is worth.

There are 10 colors in Younique Splash Lipstick. It is matte and it hydrates my lip. This lipstick contains special ingredients and Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is very smooth to apply on your lip.

If you are looking for how How to make any Lipstick Look Matte then this will surely help you. But on this you wouldn’t need it to do matte. It is already matte. This Younique Lipstick will give splash of color that showcases your mood best. It is easy to apply and long lasting.

It has a precision applicator which will definitely help you while applying. I have been to marriage and everyone was praising me because of my matte lipstick. It was long lasting and your lips will feel soft and hydrated.

This was not a sponsored product review. I write what I feel.

Recommendation to buy

Younique Lipstick

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